Endless Diamond Wire Loop

This is an diamond wire loop, a new type of cutting tool. It is characterized by its ability to withstand ultra-high line speeds, making it exceptionally sharp.
The Circular Diamond Wire or Endless Diamond Wire, as a revolutionary new cutting tool, is gaining widespread attention in the industrial field. Its uniqueness lies in the use of high-strength diamond particles, which are evenly distributed on the surface of a flexible steel wire, enabling this tool to achieve high precision and efficiency in cutting processes. The circular design means that the diamond wire do one-direction cutting instead of traditional repetation cutting.And the thin wire diameter means it can cut in multiple directions, greatly enhancing its applicability in complex and delicate cutting tasks. Additionally, this circular structure also makes the diamond wire more stable during use, reducing the risk of breakage and thereby extending the tool's lifespan.

Endless Diamond Wire Loop Parameter

Shine Endless Diamond Wire Loop

Outer DiameterCore WireGrain SizeCoating MethodTensile StrengthBreak  StrengthMin.WheelRecommed Length

There are two types of annular diamond wires: full-coated and segmented-coated.

  1. Full-Coated Diamond Wire loop:
    • The cutting line of full-coated wires is relatively thin, with the thinnest being 0.35mm.
    • These wires are particularly advantageous in cutting hard and brittle materials such as quartz, silicon rods, optical glass, and rare metals.
  2. Segmented-Coated Diamond Wire loop:
    • The thinnest segmented-coated wire is 0.8mm.
    • These wires excel in cutting materials like graphite and corrugated paper, which are not very hard but produce a lot of dust.
  3.  Thread- Coated Diamond Wire loop:
  •   The thinnest thread-coated wire is 0.5 mm.
  • These wires excel in cutting materials like graphite and corrugated paper, which are not very hard but produce a lot of dust.

Additionally, full-coated cutting wires are widely used in materials processing where cutting fluid can be applied, whereas segmented-coated wires are mainly used in dry cutting processes.


Pictures of Endless diamond wire loops

Full-Coated Diamond Wire
Segment-Coated Diamond Wire



Advantages Of This Cutting Wire

Unidirectional Cutting
The cutting process involves the wire moving in one direction, which eliminates the directional marks typically produced by traditional reciprocating cuts. This unidirectional movement ensures a smoother finish on the cut surface.
endless wire saw.diamond wire saw for glass
High Precision Cutting
With high-quality diamond particles used, the Circular Diamond Wire is capable of extremely precise cuts, crucial for materials requiring fine work.
graphtie wire cut machinery
Multi-Directional Cutting Capability
The circular structure allows the diamond wire to cut in multiple directions, adding flexibility when dealing with complex shapes or designs.
Quartz Glass Cutting Machine
Increased Cutting Efficiency
Compared to traditional cutting tools, the Circular Diamond Wire can complete more cutting work in less time due to its unique design and materials.
Longer Lifespan
Diamond's hardness and durability mean this type of cutting wire has a longer lifespan than traditional cutting tools, reducing the frequency of replacements and associated costs.
Versatility with Various Materials
The Circular Diamond Wire can be used to cut a wide range of hard materials, anything Sofer than diamond.
Quartz Glass Cutting Machine,diamond wire saw
Reduced Material Waste
The small cut kerf of this wire results in minimal material loss during cutting, which is important for cost control and material utilization.

Customer Testimonials

Quartz industry
As a professional in the quartz cutting industry, I've always sought tools that can enhance precision and efficiency. Since incorporating the Circular Diamond Wire into our operations, we've seen remarkable improvements. The wire's ability to perform intricate cuts with incredible accuracy has significantly reduced our material wastage. One of the most notable benefits is the smooth finish it leaves, eliminating the need for extensive post-cut processing. This tool has not only expedited our production process but also allowed us to take on more complex projects that were previously unmanageable. The Circular Diamond Wire has truly been a game changer for our business
John Smith
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ALL You Need To Know

What materials can I cut with an endless diamond wire saw?
Anything except diamond,soft materials like sponges and eggshells.hard material like SIC.
How can I use an endless diamond wire saw?
You need a wire saw machine which can tention the cutting wire.buy one or manully make one.
How long will an endless diamond wire last?
The lifespan of an endless diamond wire will vary depending on the material you are cutting and the thickness of the wire. However, most diamond wires will last for several days of use.
What are the safety precautions I should take when using an endless diamond wire saw?
When using an endless diamond wire saw, it is important to wear safety glasses and gloves to protect yourself from injury although it is the safest way to cut.
What is the wire length?
his product is highly customized, and we usually tailor the length according to the customer's needs.
If the wire breaks, can it be reconnected and used again?
No, this type of closed-loop diamond wire does not have any interfaces during the manufacturing process and cannot be reused once broken.
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