SVS120-120: High-Performance Graphite Machining Machine, wire saw cutting machine,automatic wire cutting machine


The SVI60-60 is an advanced Graphite CNC Wire Cutting Machine uses circular diamond wire as cutting tool.
The SVI60-60 is an advanced circular diamond wire cutting machine. It utilizes a circular diamond wire as its cutting tool. This equipment offers precision profile cutting. With a remarkable maximum cutting line speed of 84m/s, it delivers exceptional sharpness and outperforms alternative cutting methods in terms of both speed and surface quality.

Graphite CNC Wire Cutting Machine Technical Specification


ParameterValue or Specification
1Maximum Workpiece Length (mm)600
2Maximum Workpiece Width (mm)600
3Maximum Workpiece Height (mm)600
4Worktable X-Axis Travel (mm)600
5Worktable Y-Axis Travel (mm)600
6Maximum Diamond Wire Speed (m/s)84 (Max)
7Minimum Feed Increment X-Axis (mm)0.01
8Minimum Feed Increment Y-Axis (mm)0.01
9Repeat Positioning Accuracy X-Axis (mm)±0.02
10Repeat Positioning Accuracy Y-Axis (mm)±0.02
11Total Power Consumption (kW)7.5
12Power Supply (Three-phase Five-wire)AC380V 50Hz
13Air Supply (MPa)0.6
14Equipment Dimensions (Length×Width×Height) (mm)Approximately


15Total Weight (kg)Approximately 2000

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This machine have 2 control system, you can switch from slicing system and profile cut system.

Here are videos about how it cut slices

Here are video about how it cut complex profiles

Comparison Between Diamond Band Saw and a Single Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond Band Saw
Endless Diamond Wire Saw
Cutting Mechanism
Utilizes a continuous loop of diamond-coated band as the cutting tool.
Employs a continuous loop of diamond-coated wire as the cutting tool.
Cutting Speed
Generally slower cutting speed due to the movement of the band.
Faster cutting speed due to the continuous linear motion of the wire.
Kerf Width
Typically has a wider kerf width, leading to more material wastage.
Minimizes kerf width, resulting in minimal material wastage.
Cut Surface Quality
May require additional polishing steps to achieve a smooth finish.
Simultaneously cuts and polishes, ensuring a smooth and shiny surface.
Suitable for basic cuts and straight lines.
Highly versatile, suitable for complex shapes and intricate designs.
Moderate precision; may not achieve intricate designs accurately.
Offers high precision, ideal for intricate graphite components.
Material Efficiency
Can be less material-efficient due to wider cuts.
Maximizes material efficiency with narrow cuts.
Dust Generation
Generates more dust, potentially requiring dust extraction systems.
Produces minimal dust, contributing to a cleaner working environment.
Mainly used for simpler cutting tasks
Ideal for various cutting needs, especially intricate graphite parts.
Ideal Use Case
Basic straight cuts in graphite.
Precision cuts, intricate designs, and complex graphite components.

Equipment Advantage

Wire Saw Cutting Machine
Exceptional Sharpness
The use of diamond as the cutting tool, combined with the high wire speed of up to 80 m/s, ensures that the SVS120-120 is exceptionally sharp.
Graphite Diamond Wire Cutting Equipment ,graphite Wire Saw Cutting Machine
Superior Surface Quality
The continuous motion of the endless diamond wire and the precision of its unidirectional movement result in a consistently smooth cutting action.
Minimal Kerf Width
Our Machine designing concept and the thinness of the diamond wire contribute to a narrow kerf width of approximately 0.7 mm. This minimizes material wastage and maximizes efficiency.
Wire Saw Cutting Machine,Graphite Diamond Wire Cutting Equipment
Low Dust Emissions
The small wire diameter and machine structure design lead to minimal dust.
Wire Saw Cutting Machine
High Precision
The unidirectional motion of the endless diamond wire and our machine stability ensures precise cuts with minimal deviation.

Customer Testimonials

Industry: Semiconductor Manufacturing
In our manufacturing facility, we were constantly seeking a solution to improve cutting efficiency and quality.

The equipment has shown outstanding cutting speed and quality performance. Not only can it cut at fast speed, but the cutting surface is exceptionally smooth, requiring minimal additional processing. This has significantly boosted our production efficiency while reducing production costs.
shine smart equipment
John Doe
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between this equipment and diamond band saw?
The cutting tool is different, we use endless diamond wire which is similar to diamond band saw, but diamond wire is smaller and it has ability to change cutting direction 360°。So our machine can cut shapes and the cutting dust is less too.
Is this equipment easy to operate?
Yes, the basic function(slicing) need about 5 mins to understand. The extra function(outer shapes) need about 30 mins to understand if you know CAD.
Are there any common consumables for this equipment?
Cutting wire and guiding wheels.
Does your product come with a warranty?
Normally we offer 1 year free warranty, but we offer life long paid warranty.
Can I get technical support?
Yes, we offer technical support including video, online and site training on client’s request.
Does your product comply with international standards?
Yes, We prioritize product quality just as we value our company's reputation, and we can tailor equipment standards to meet customer requirements.
How do I maintain and care for your equipment?
We will provide user manual, you will find detailed info from the manual.
Is your product customizable?
Yes. let us know your request if this model can’t fullfill your need.
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