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The Quartz Diamond Wire Cut Machine is a horizontal cutting solution engineered for precision slicing of large crystal materials.
The HorizonCrystal Diamond Wire Cutter is a horizontal cutting solution engineered for precision slicing of large crystal materials. With a cutting capacity of up to 600mm in diameter and custom options available for greater sizes, this machine delivers fast, high-quality cuts surpassing traditional slicers. Its design ensures superior surface finish, meeting the exacting demands of crystal processing with efficiency and precision.

Technical Specification


NumberParameterValue or Specification
1Maximum Workpiece Dia (mm)600
2Maximum Workpiece Height (mm)No Limit
3Worktable Y-Axis Travel (mm)350 with R-axis it’s qual to 700 mm
5Worktable Z-Axis Travel (mm)350
10Maximum Diamond Wire Speed (m/s)60 (Max)
13Minimum Feed Increment Y-Axis (mm)0.01
14Minimum Feed Increment Z-Axis (mm)0.01
15Repeat Positioning Accuracy Y-Axis (mm)±0.02
16Repeat Positioning Accuracy Z-Axis (mm)±0.02
20Total Power Consumption (kW)4
21Power Supply (Three-phase Five-wire)AC220V 50Hz
23Equipment Dimensions (Length×Width×Height) (mm)Approximately 1650*1650*1700
24Total Weight (kg)Approximately 1200


Quartz Diamond Wire Cut Machine 

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Model SH60-R has an endless diamond wire that can move in a single direction without the need for reversing. The closed diamond wire enables high linear speeds, reaching even up to 60 m/s. As a result, it allows for fast cutting speeds and maintaining superior cutting surface quality.


This machine is a horizontal cutting wire saw, it has a workpiece station which you can put big and heavy material easily with a fork or ship’s quite easy to operate.


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Equipment Advantage

Wire Saw Cutting Machine
Unprecedented Cutting Speed:
The SH60 stands as a beacon of cutting speed advancement. Unlike traditional inner diameter saws or bandsaws used for quartz cutting machine, our revolutionary endless wire saw technology enables lightning-fast cuts. since the linear speed of this saw can be up to 60m/s, the cutting wire would be very sharp..
Superior Surface Quality
The continuous motion of the endless diamond wire and the precision of its unidirectional movement result in a consistently smooth cutting action.
Limitless Cutting Scope
The SH60's innovation lies in its ability to cut quartz glass without size restriction, The cutting tool has no limitations on the size of the workpiece.this machine series has different size for different material range,the biggest workpiece it can cut is diameter 1.5 m.
Heavy-Duty Design
The HorizonCrystal is designed to accommodate heavy, large-scale materials with ease. Its robust structure allows materials to be placed directly onto the loading platform using forklifts or overhead cranes, streamlining the setup process.
endless wire saw.diamond wire saw for glass
Precision Beyond Compare
The unidirectional motion of the endless diamond wire and our machine stability ensures precise cuts with minimal deviation.
Integrated Rotary Table
Equipped with a built-in rotary axis, the loading platform of the machine can rotate rapidly in tandem with the high-velocity diamond wire, significantly accelerating the cutting process and enhancing productivity.

Customer Testimonials

Industry: Semiconductor Manufacturing
Our facility recently upgraded to the HorizonCrystal Diamond Wire Cutter to cut our quartz ingot, and it's been a game-changer for our large-scale material processing. The ease of loading heavy materials onto the cutter has significantly reduced our setup times. Plus, the integrated rotary table has doubled our cutting speed without compromising precision. We're now able to deliver products faster than ever before, with a quality that exceeds our clients' expectations.
shine smart equipment
Li Wei Hua
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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of materials can the HorizonCrystal precisely cut besides quartz?
The HorizonCrystal is designed to cut a variety of large crystal materials including but not limited to synthetic sapphire, industrial ceramic,gemstone, and other similar materials.
What is the maximum thickness the machine can handle for cutting?
The standard model can handle materials up to 600mm in diameter, and the biggest slice thickness it can achieve is 350 mm.
Can the cutting parameters be adjusted for different material types and thicknesses?
Yes, the machine offers adjustable settings to cater to different cutting requirements, it can get different thickness’s slice but it can’t do constant cut.
How does the machine minimize material waste during cutting?
The HorizonCrystal features a high-precision diamond wire that is 0.35 to 0.8 mm in diameter, so the cut kerf is very small.
What is the expected lifespan of the diamond wire, and is it user-replaceable?
The lifespan of the diamond wire varies based on usage and material types. It is user-replaceable, and we provide detailed guidance on wire replacement.
Does the machine require a specialized environment or setup conditions?
The machine is designed to operate in whatever environment. However, it requires a stable power supply and sufficient space for safe operation, particularly when handling large materials.
What kind of technical support and warranty do you offer with the purchase of this equipment?
We offer a comprehensive warranty and 24/7 technical support post-purchase to ensure your machine operates at peak efficiency and any issues are resolved promptly.
How does the machine's rotary table enhance the cutting process?
The rotary table allows for the material to be turned rapidly and seamlessly during the cutting process, which increases cutting speed and contributes to an even cut.
Can the machine be integrated into an automated production line, and does it support remote monitoring or operation?
Yes, the HorizonCrystal can be integrated into an automated production line. And we need to customize the software according to your request.
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