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shine smart Provide Wire Cutting Machines For Cutting Graphite, Optical Glass, Metal, Etc

Graphite cutting wire saw
Silicon cutting wire saw
Quartz cutting wire saw
Optics cutting wiresaw
Metal cutting wiresaw
shine smart Meets The Cutting Need Of Various Industries
Custom cut anything! Not just Quartz, graphite, monocrystalline silicon, optical glass, gemstones, rare metals. There are no restrictions.

It is suitable for cutting almost all materials. It satisfies both cuttable shapes and various hardness sizes, etc.

Can't Find The Ideal Cutting Wire Saw Suitable For Your Industry?
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About New Product Endless Diamond Wire Loop
We've made significant advancements in endless diamond wire production,the coating method can be full coat, sgement coat and Thread coat. Compared with traditional wire loop, thread coating can extend the cutting life by 2 to 3 times. This new wire cutting technology, transitioning traditional wire on spool to endless diamond wire/closed-loop system.which allows for a wire speed of up to 84 m/s. This significantly improves cutting efficiency and the smoothness of the cut surface.
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Comprehensive After-Sales System: Our robust after-sales system guarantees customer satisfaction and support.
Success Stories
Real Cutting Cases Shine Smart Delivered
Explore real-world challenges our customers faced, how we tackled them, and the ultimate satisfaction achieved.
magnet material cut
Magent Material Cut
Magnetic Material Cutting with Closed-Loop Diamond Wire Sawing Technology
In the domain of precision cutting, Magent Material Cut poses a longstanding challenge for manufacturers. Traditional methods frequently result in problems like rapid tool wear, compromised cutting accuracy, and inefficiency. As a prominent producer of diamond wire cutting equipment, we have introduced a closed-loop diamond wire sawing system specifically crafted to address these challenges associated with Magent Material Cut. In this context, we present a case study showcasing the revolutionary impact of this technology on one of our clients in the magnetic materials industry.
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Large-Sized Wire Cutting Equipment
2 M Huge Quartz Cut
Customization of Large Sized Wire Cutting Equipment
Cutting quartz crystals with a diameter of 2 meters poses a challenge. Our custom-designed large-sized wire cutting equipment perfectly solves this problem for the customer.
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Glass Cutting Machines
Optical Glass Cut
Revolutionizing K9 Optical Glass Batch Cutting
A company specializing in optical glass production faced several challenges with its traditional inner circle slicing machines. These challenges were impeding productivity and raising concerns about workplace safety and environment.
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Large-Scale Quartz Cut
Large-Scale Quartz Cut
The Cutting Solution for Big Size Hard Material
A leading company specializing in large-scale quartz cut encountered several challenges with their existing cutting processes. These challenges were significantly affecting their production efficiency and product quality.
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Graphite Insulation Barrels Cut
Graphite Insulation Barrels Cut
Specially Made Machine for Graphite Insulation Barrels Cut
A prominent manufacturer in the thermal insulation industry faced significant challenges in cutting large, thick graphite insulation barrels. Their traditional cutting methods were proving inadequate, leading to inefficiencies and subpar product quality.
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silicon ingot manufacturing
Silicon Ingot Cutting
Case Overview: Silicon Ingot Top&Tail Cuts
This is a story about silicon ingot manufacturing.Our valued client, a prominent semiconductor company, They needed precise top-cuts from silicon ingots and then a thin slices to support their detailed content analysis. First, they needed to remove the ....
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complex profile cut
Graphite Outside Complex Profile Cut
Systems that can handle cuts for complex profiles
In addressing the need to cut various shapes from graphite plates with thicknesses ranging from 10 mm to a substantial 300 mm, the challenge of Complex Profile Cut became apparent for our client. Graphite, being a non-conductive material, rendered traditional EDM wire-cut machines ineffective. The utilization of a bandsaw posed its own set of challenges, including limitations in changing cutting direction and generating less-than-desirable shapes.
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Big Graphite Block Slicing
Big Graphite Block Slicing
Big Size Material Automatic Cut
This is a story about Graphite Block Slicing. In the world of industrial manufacturing, accomplishing challenging In this case, our client faced the daunting task of precisely slicing massive graphite blocks, some as vast as 1.2 meters in every dimension. These blocks took various forms, including squares and circles, and the goal was to transform them into a multitude of thin plates, ranging from mere millimeters to substantial centimeters in thickness.
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